Thought, spirit, desire, aim, animus, hope are meanings that comes to GOGOA Mobility Robots, a new company to make more human the technology and to give sense to the development that can help people to recover and increase their capacities to move.

GOGOA is a society located in Urola Garaia (Urretxu), that designs and manufactures wearable robotics to assist and rehabilitate the movement capacity of people with Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) or Spinal Cord Injuries and to increase the movement performance of humans (rescue services , fire fighters, workers under special conditions, …).

GOGOA born from a licence of the Cajal Institut (CSIC). And with the collaboration of Toledo National Paraplegics Hospital.

GOGOA has the vocation to Research and develop wearable robots, augmented reality systems and IT aplications to help people to recover their capacities or to increase them in order to a betatter and more secure and productive development of their work.

GOGOA´s Business model is open and focus on the rent, leasing and sale of wearable robotics for Hospitals and rehabilitation centers, to particulars, to public rescue services and to companies both to rehabilitate the capacity to move and to increase the movement capacities or reduce the lesions risk.