Image Clinical Test

GOGOA´s products has been tested by different hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

  • Toledo National Paraplegics Hospital
  • Houston Hospital


A new FIS test has been approved by the Spanish Health Ministry to develop Clinical test on Paraplegics and Stroke patients.

A clinical test is under development for Cronics and Parkinson Patients in ADACEN (Pamplona)

Report: The H2 robotic exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation after stroke: early findings from a clinical study. (PDF. 1,8mb)

Different rehabilitation protocols are available for rehabilitation doctors and Physiotherapeutics

Hand of Hope

Hand of Hope is a therapeutic device that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning. It facilitates muscle re-education by both amplifying and rewarding a patient with desired motion in concert with his or her own muscle signal. The system continuously monitors and senses, but does not stimulate, the affected muscles…

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