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Technology for humans

Gogoa´s technologies increase movement performance

“Thought, spirit, desire, aim, feeling, hope” are the keywords of GOGOA Mobility Robots, a new company making technology more human; giving meaning to developments that help people recover, increasing their capacity to move.


Technology is the art of simplicity. From the user’s point of view complex, mysterious, hard technology has to be made simple, clear and intuitive. What makes it possible to walk or manage one’s arms again is essentially internal. Technology transforms this internal intention to move into actual movement, helping an individual recover the capacity to move and / or increase human capacity to move again.

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Exoeskeleto montaje


Reestablishment of the neuronal conections between the intention to move and the muscles activation to move.


Assist the movement to improve human capacities to move, detecting the force and range needs of movement the system compliments then to help people in the performance of their work

Gogoa´s different products

Clinical test

GOGOA´s products has been tested by different hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

A new FIS test has been approved by the Spanish Health Ministry to develop Clinical test on Paraplegics and Stroke patients.


Real Use cases